Your own personal Christchurch – we pick things to do and see for WORD Christchurch writers

Our team of WORDy librarians have handpicked some places and experiences for WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival guests.

Caitlin Doughty

I reckon mortician Caitlin might like to see that slightly creepy mourning jewellery made of hair at the Canterbury Museum.

Hair jewellery at Canterbury Museum

Caitlin Doughty appears in:
PechaKucha Night, Thurs 25 Aug, 8.20pm
The Stars Are On Fire, Fri 26 Aug, 7.30pm
Embracing Death, Sat 27 Aug, 9.30am
Ask a Mortician: Caitlin Doughty, Sun 28 Aug, 2pm
The Nerd Degree, Sun 28 Aug, 5pm

Debbie Stoller

Anne recommends the Outlaw Yarn and their Saloon for Debbie Stoller. Outlaw yarn in NZ made in one of the last remaining spinning mills in New Zealand. The centre of operations is right here in Beckenham, Christchurch. There's also a wonderful whalebone wool swift in the Canterbury Museum.

Debbie Stoller appears in:
Busted: Feminism & Pop Culture, Sat 27 Aug, 11am
The Sunday Fringe – How to Start a Magazine, Sun 28 Aug, 10am

Steve Hely

Moata thinks Steve might like the Casa Publica South American themed bar in New Regent Street.

Steve Hely appears in:
The Stars Are on Fire, Fri 26 Aug, 7.30pm
How to be a Writer: Steve Hely, Sat 27 Aug, 3.30pm
The Great NZ Crime Debate, Sat 27 Aug, 7.30pm
The State of America, Sun 28 Aug, 12.30pm

Steve Braunias

For the criminally inclined guests like Steve, Moata recommend a visit to Victoria Park (scene of Honora Parker’s demise). See our pages on the Parker-Hulme murder.

Given his taste for quirky New Zealand experiences, I'd recommend a sway past Baz's charity barn on the corner of Ferry Road.

Steve Braunias appears in:
True Crime, Fri 26 Aug, 3.30pm
Spinoff After Dark, Sat 27 Aug, 10pm

Toby Morris

Christchurch street art might be worth a look, reckons Moata. (Have a browse of our street art pics).

Street art on Millennium in Cathedral Square

Toby Morris appears in:
Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?, Sat 27 Aug, 12.30pm
Sunday Fringe – Writing to Make a Change, Sun 28 Aug, 11.30am
Giving Them Hell: Political Cartoons, Sun 28 Aug, 2pm

Tim Flannery

Something for the science-inclined guest: Moata points out that Tim will be here in time to visit Rutherford’s Den (it's open again from 27 August).

Tim Flannery appears in:
2050, Fri 26 Aug, 5.30pm
Atmosphere of Hope: Tim Flannery, Sat 27 Aug, 2pm

Alok Jha

Alok might like to take a look at the water feature at Margaret Mahy playground. And that river that wends it way around the city - the Ōtākaro – Avon River.

Alok and other guests interested in the Antarctic would like the Antarctic section of Canterbury Museum and the International Antarctic Centre.

Antarctic vehicle

Alok Jha appears in:
Inspiring Writers – Secondary Schools Day, Thurs 25 Aug, 11.30am
PechaKucha Night, Thurs 25 Aug, 8.20pm
Water: Alok Jha, Sat 27 Aug, 11am
Tales from the Ice, Sun 28 Aug, 3.30pm
The Nerd Degree, Sun 28 Aug, 5pm

Tara Moss

Moata reckons Tara would like to visit the Kate Sheppard memorial.

Kate Sheppard memorial
Friday 19 September 2014. Flickr 2014-09-19-IMG_2212

I am picking Madame Butterflys and Etcetera for Tara and other Festival vintage clothes-lovers.

Tara Moss appears in:
Inspiring Writers – Secondary Schools Day, Thurs 25 Aug, 9.45am
Speaking Out: Tara Moss, Sat 27 Aug, 12.30pm

Roger Shepherd

Fiona would match Roger Shepherd with bar and music venue darkroom. Or indeed Blue Smoke, where Roger's special event will be held. He'd probably be up for a fossick at Galaxy Records or Penny Lane too I reckon.

Roger Shepherd appears in:
In Love With These Times: A Flying Nun Celebration, Sat 27 Aug, 7.30pm

Bill Manhire

Fiona reckons Bill Manhire might like the Woolston Twisted Hop - "best home made beer in Christchurch" (she loved his wee book on South Island pubs).

Bill Manhire appears in:
The Perfect Short Story, Fri 26 Aug, 3.45pm
Power of Poetry, Fri 26 Aug, 5pm

David Levithan

David's going to be delivering the Margaret Mahy lecture at the Festival. Moata suggests a visit to the brilliant Margaret Mahy portrait by Glenda Randerson. It is on display at Central Library Manchester. I reckon he might like a visit to the playground named in her honour - with all its little Margaret Mahy words and images.

Portrait of Margaret Mahy by Glenda Randerson

David Levithan appears in:
Inspiring Writers – Secondary Schools Day, Thurs 25 Aug, 9.45am
Speaking Proud, Thurs 25 Aug, 6pm
Margaret Mahy Memorial Lecture, Sat 27 Aug, 9.30am

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