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Resources to help you find out about art and art history.

Library resources

Oxford Art Online
Oxford Art Online - the innovative gateway into art research and the access point for Oxford art reference subscriptions and publications. Includes the Grove Dictionary of Art, The Oxford Companion to Western Art, Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms. Was Grove Dictionary of Art.
Access this with your library card number and password / PIN, or at our libraries.
Art and Artists
A guide to researching art and artists from Christchurch City Libraries.

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Art and Art History web resources

Adobe Kuler: Color Wheel
Enter a colour value or just click the colour that you want and this handy tool will suggest attractive combinations with that colour. Useful when designing web pages or colour schemes for design projects.
Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall
A large archive of graffiti art from around the world.
Art History Resources on the web
Comprehensive starting point for art history. Links to pages that cover prehistoric to the present-day art history of all cultures.
Art Movements Directory
Quick reference guide to various art movements and periods throughout history. Includes images, brief biographies, and additional resources.
Artists on Screen
Interviews with and documentaries on New Zealand artists from NZOnScreen.
Online portfolios of the industry's best in several mediums, often used for inspiration among design students.
Christchurch Art Gallery
Bunker Notes about works held in the Christchurch Art Gallery and other art news.
Free online digital painting/library/tutorials website used by a lot of design students. Some are paid videos but a lot of tutorials are free.
Exploring Leonardo da Vinci
Explore the works and imagination of Leonardo da Vinci. Images, interactive activities and facts you may not have known.
"Critical reviews and spirited discussion on art and visual culture in Aotearoa New Zealand".
History of New Zealand painting
From NZHistory, including sections on modernism, abstraction, expressionism and contemporary Māori art.
The photography blog of The New York Times, presenting the finest and most interesting visual and multimedia reporting, photographs, videos and slide shows. A showcase for Times photographers, it highlights the best work of other newspapers, magazines and news and picture agencies; in print, in books, in galleries, in museums and on the Web.
Māori Art
Māori images available for down-loading. Includes line-art and photographs of objects
Zeroland Arts Online
This directory provides links to web pages providing information on artists, galleries, architecture, museums and much more.
Picturing America
These 40 examples of American Art have been chosen to be brought into American schools and libraries. Pieces range from oil paintings to architecture and each is complemented by additional resources.
Smarthistory at Khan Academy
Smarthistory at Khan Academy is a free multi-media web-book designed as a dynamic enhancement (or even substitute) for the traditional art history textbook. Videos, images and more.
Timeline of Art History
Presents artefacts held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection. Search the Timeline of Art History by date, maps or a thematic index.

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