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Study It - for NCEA students
Your one stop site for achieving in NCEA maths. Find what you need to know, contact subject teachers, and get encouragement from other students.
World Maths Day
Teams from all around the world, including New Zealand joining together to do equations! Celebrate World Maths Day as part of the World Education Games.
Get the Math
Multimedia project about algebra in the real world. See how professionals working in fashion, videogame design, and music production use algebraic thinking. Then take on interactive challenges related to those careers.
Khan Academy
With particular strength in Math and Science, Khan Academy offers thousands of videos with related exercises to let you learn online at your own pace.
Quality mathematical videos, textbooks and maths games. Choose from many of the free and printable maths worksheets and homework sheets. Each topic can be found in the New Zealand Mathematics Curriculum and the work complements the New Zealand numeracy programme. All of the mathematics on the site is free of charge to download or watch. Sign in now and become a member.
SparkNotes Mathematics
Study guides covering geometry, trigonometry and calculus. May require you to join but membership is free.
Wolfram Alpha
A computational knowledge engine for a wide range of topics. Examples supplied and video overview.

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