Preschoolers’ events and programmes: Ngā hōtaka kōhungahunga

Wā Pēpi: Babytimes and Wā Kōrero: Storytimes encourage learning through a love of reading with stories, rhymes, music and play. During each session we share a variety of stories, songs, rhymes, fingerplays and other book related activities.

Wā Pēpi: Babytimes

Wā Pēpi: Babytimes programmes include music, movement, rhymes and a book, and are suitable for babies and under 2s. Meet others in the community and join our relaxed, fun group for interactive songs, rhymes, and books that will delight and develop your baby or toddler. All whānau and caregivers welcome. Free, no bookings required. See our list of Wā Pēpi: Babytimes.

Can’t make it to Wā Pēpi: Babytimes this week? Try Baby Rhymes at home.

Wā Kōrero: Storytimes

Wā Kōrero programmes include stories, music, movement and rhymes for children aged 2 and over. Meet others in our community when you and your pre-schooler join us for a fun variety of stories, songs and rhymes which foster children’s literacy. All whānau and caregivers welcome. Free, no bookings required. See our list of Wā Kōrero: Storytimes.

More Storytimes

Can't visit the library?

Try Online Babytimes and Online Storytimes.

Preschool Outreach

Can't make it to our preschool sessions? Contact our Preschool Outreach team who may be able to visit your group or preschool.

Learning parties: He Whakangahau Kōrero

Learning parties complement our Ready for Reading packs that are given to all children at four. Whether you are a parent or an early childhood group or centre we can arrange for our Outreach librarian to come and host a learning party. We will present stories and Ready for reading packs to the children and teach you how to play fun games together that encourage early literacy skills - with balloons, stickers and stamps for extra fun. Find out more about Learning parties.

Other music sessions for preschoolers lists play groups utilising music from CINCH.

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