WORD Christchurch Spring Festival 2020

WORD Christchurch Spring Festival 2020

The WORD Christchurch Spring Festival was on from Wednesday 28 October to Sunday 1 November. Read our coverage of Festival events. 

WORD Christchurch coverage

WORD Christchurch 2020: Remembering Ralph Hotere

Caitlin reports back on a WORD session on Hotere: "I can see his work now as a persistent illumination, poetic, full of swimming language."

Eileen Merriman: A Trio of Sophies - WORD Christchurch

Alicia reports back from a WORD session featuring Karen Healey and Eileen Merriman in conversation.

WORD Christchurch: Medical Misadventures

Clare's report on a WORD Christchurch event with novelists Carl Shuker and Eileen Merriman and their reflections on the medical profession.

For You(th) - WORD Christchurch Spring Festival

For You(th) was something very different on the WORD Christchurch Spring Festival 2020 line-up. Alicia reports on the activities in Tūranga.

Stand up poetry: A quiz show

Moata reports back from the very last WORD Christchurch event of the festival - a raucous blend of poetry, comedy and quiz show.

Last few WORDs: Interview with Fiona Farrell

In all the rush of WORD Christchurch Spring Festival, author Fiona Farrell found time to answer a few questions from Fee.

Public Knowledge: The Future of Democracy - WORD Chch

Mark reports on a session encompassing democracy, conspiracy theories, and the need for an appropriate - and safe - public discourse.

WORD Christchurch 2020: Llew Summers- Body and Soul

Caitlin reports back on this WORD session: "Llew was not only able to challenge his past, but was able to challenge the art world".

WORD Christchurch: Cabinet of curiosities

Brontës, cookbooks, and bugs - Moata reports back from a trifecta of mini-lectures at WORD Christchurch.

WORD Christchurch 2020: Pip Adam: Nothing to See

Clare reports back from a WORD event with Pip Adams: "a thought-provoking and inspiring insight into process, ideas and craft of writing."

Elizabeth Knox's 'intimate epic', The Absolute Book

Moata reports back from a WORD Christchurch session in which Elizabeth Knox discusses her fantasy novel with Noelle McCarthy.

WORD Christchurch: Going viral

Moata reports back from an informative WORD Christchurch session focused on science communication in the age of COVID-19.

Book Launch: John Newton and Bernadette Hall - WORD Chch

Andrew reports back from this much anticipated launch at Scorpio Books. Escape Path…

WORD Christchurch 2020: Searching for Charlie with Tom Scott

Upham was the only combat soldier to receive 2 Victoria Crosses but: "he was entitled to 8" -(Scott). Guy reports back on this WORD session.

WORD Christchurch: New Regent Street pop-up festival

Moata reports back from the New Regent Street Pop-up Festival with readings from Pip Adam, Owen Marshall and more.

Poet Laureate's Choice: WORD Christchurch 2020

Poet Laureate David Eggleton invited five poets from Te Waipounamu to ponder the question: "How might we find ourselves in the landscape?"

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