Youth Week

Youth Week logoYouth Week 2017 will be held 26 May to 4 June. The theme is "Our voices count; count our voices".

In 2016 Youth Week took place 21-29 May.

The 2016 theme was Aroha Mai, Aroha Atu / Giving Back is Giving Forward

This year's theme is all about giving: whether it's the way you support your family, your friends or your community, whether you it's the volunteer work you do, the help you give to your neighbours or the way you create space for others who are different from you,whether it's about sharing your opinions, your voice, your stories or casting your vote when you have the opportunity. This year we want to hear about what you give and the gifts you receive - the hands, hearts and energy that have helped you on your journey.

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Youth organisations and resources

Here are some websites and organisations that focus on youth issues:

Bounce is a bunch of tips, ideas and inspiration to help you live life well. Bounce is a New Zealand Red Cross project that partners with young people for young people.
Ministry of Youth Development
The Ministry of Youth Development (Te Manatu Whakahiato Taiohi) promotes the interests of young people aged between 12 and 24 years inclusive. The Ministry encourages and assists young people to be involved in the social, educational, economic and cultural development of New Zealand, both locally and nationally.
YouthLaw Aotearoa
Free national legal service for those under 25 years.
Youth Parliament
The Youth Parliament takes place every three years and 2013 was the most recent. It was an opportunity for young New Zealanders to learn about New Zealand’s democracy and influence public decision-making.
Youth health services in Christchurch
Our page on health services for young people in Christchurch.