Animal names

Words for male, female, child and groups of different species.

Animal Female Male Young Group
Albatross Rookery
Alligator cow bull hatchling Congregation
Ant queen, princess, worker prince, drone antling Nest, army, colony, state, swarm, bike
Antelope cow bull calf, fawn, kid or yearling Herd, cluster
Apes Shrewdness, troop
Ass jenny jack, jackass foal Pace, drove, herd, coffle
Auks Colony, flock, raft
Baboons Troop, flange
Badger sow boar cub Cete, colony, set, company
Bats Colony, cloud
Bear sow, she-bear boar, he-bear cub Sloth, sleuth, slought
Beaver kit, kitten, pup Family, lodge, colony
Bee queen, queen-bee, worker drone larva Swarm, cluster, nest, hive, erst, bike, cast, college, drift, game, fry, peck, rabble, stand, range, butt, spindle, grist, colony
Bird hen cock nestling, hatchling, chick Battery, cast, congregation, covert, covey, drift, flight, fleet, flock, flush, nest, aviary
Bison cow bull calf Herd
Bitterns Flock, sedge, siege
Bloodhounds Sute
Boar (wild) sow boar boarlet, piglet, shoat, farrow Sounder, singular, herd
Bobcat kitten or cub Clowder, clutter, tantrum
Buffalo cow bull calf, yearling, or spike-bull Troop, herd, gang, obstinacy
Bullfinches Bellowing
Bullocks Drove
Butterflies Rabble, flight, kaleidoscope
Camel cow bull calf or colt Flock, train, caravan, herd
Canary hen cock chick Aria, opera
Caribou cow, doe bull, stag, hart calf or fawn Herd
Cat tabby, queen tom, tomcat, gib kit, kitling, kitten or pussy Clowder, clutter, cluster (domestic cats), colony, glorying, kindle, litter, dout, parliament, seraglio, glaring, destruction (wild cats)
Caterpillars Army, nest
Cattle cow bull calf, stot or yearling (m. bullcalf or f.
Drove, herd, bow, bunch, draft, drift, flote, head, diary
Chamois Herd
Chicken hen, partlet, biddy cock, rooster, stag chick, chicken, poult, cockerel or pullet Brood, clutch, hatching, nest, parcel, peep, battery, flock, roost, mews, concatenation
Chinchilla Colony
Cicada nymph
Clams Bed
Cockroaches Intrusion
Cod codling, scrod or sprag Lap
Cormorants Colony, flight
Cougar lioness, she-lion, pantheress tom, lion kitten, cub
Cows Dairy, drove, pack, team
Coyote bitch dog whelp, pup
Crabs Cast
Cranes Flock, herd, sedge, siege, sege
Crocodile bull hatchling Bask, nest
Crows Murder, parcel, hover
Deer hind, doe buck, stag fawn Herd, leash, bevy, game, quarry, bunch,
Dog bitch dog whelp or puppy Gang, legion, kennel, pack, stud
Dolphin cow bull calf, pup Team, school
Dove hen cock pigeon or squab Duet, dule, dole, flight, troop, pitying (of turtle doves)
Duck duck drake duckling or flapper Bunch, brood, knob, raft, skein, string, mob, paddling, plump, sord, sore, team, waddling
Eagle eaglet, fledgling Aerie, brood, convocation, cargo
Echidna puggle
Eel fry or elver Swarm, bed, bind, draft, fry, wisp
Elephant cow bull calf Herd, flock, parade
Elk cow bull calf Gang, herd
Ferret hob jill kit Business
Finches Chirm, charm
Fish fry, fingerling, minnow or spawn School, shoal, haul, draught, run, catch, cran, flote, flutter, cast, throw, warp
Fly grub or maggot Business, hatch, grist, swarm, community, fare, rabble, cloud
Flamingo Stand
Fox vixen, bitch, she-fox fox, dog-fox, stag, reynard kit, cub, pup Cloud, skulk, brace, leash, troop, earth
Frog polliwog, tadpole, froglet Army, colony, froggery
Giraffe cow bull calf Herd, corps, troop, tower
Gnats Swarm, cloud, horde, plague, rabble
Gnu Implausibility
Goat nanny, she-goat, nannie, nannie-goat billy, buck, billie-goat, he-goat kid Flock, trip, herd, tribe
Goldfish Troubling
Goose goose, dame gander, stag gosling Gaggle, clutch, flock, line, skein, nide, wedge
Gorilla blackback, silverback infant Band
Grasshoppers Cloud
Grouse chick, poult, squealer or cheeper  Pack, brood
Guinea pig sow boar pup
Hare jill jack leveret Down, flick, husk, kindle, trip, drove, warren, dun, herd, brace, leash, kindle (young)
Hawk hen tiercel eyas Aerie, brood, cast, leash, mews, staff
Hedgehog sow boar pup, piglet Nest, array
Hippopotamus cow bull calf Bloat, school, pod, herd
Hornets Nest, bike, swarm
Horse mare, dam stallion, stag, horse stud, stable horse,
sire, rig
foal, colt (m), filly (f), stat, stag, hog-colt,
youngster, yearling or hogget
herd, haras, stud, string, field, set, team, stable, mews, mob, parcel, rag, slate, rake, rage
Hound Leash. couple, brace, pack, mute, kennel, cry, sute, stable, litter (puppies)
Impala ewe ram
Insects Horde, nest, swarm, rabble, plague
Jackrabbit Husk
Jay Party
Jellyfish Smuck, fluther, smack, stuck, smuth, brood, crowd
Kangaroo doe buck joey Troop, mob, herd
Ladybird Loveliness
Larks Bevy, exaltation, flight, wisp
Leopard leopardess leopard cub Leap
Lice Flock
Lion lioness, she-lion lion, tom whelp, cub or lionet Pride, troop, flock, sawt, souse
Lobster hen cock
Locusts Swarm, cloud, plague
Louse nit Flock
Magpies Tiding, tittering
Mallard Flush, lute, puddling, sord, sute
Manatee cow bull calf
Marten Richesse, richness
Midges Bite
Mink sow boar kit or cub
Minnows Shoal, steam, or swarm
Moles Company, labour, citadel (of mole burrows)
Monkey suckling, yearling or infant Troop, cartload, tribe
Moose cow bull calf Herd
Mosquito larva, flapper, wriggler, wiggler, nymph Scourge
Mouse doe buck pup, kitten Nest, colony, harvest
Mule she-ass, more, hinny stallion, jackass, jack foal Barren, span, mulada, rake
Muskrat kit
Nightingales Watch, flock, route
Opossum jill jack joey
Ostrich hen cock chick
Otter bitch dog pup, kitten, whelp or cub Bevy, lodge, family
Owl jenny, howlet owlet or howlet Parliament, stare
Ox cow, beef ox, beef, steer, bullock stot, calf Team, yoke, drove, or herd
Oyster set seed, spat or brood Bed, cast, clam, hive, set
Parrots Company, flock, pandemonium
Partridge hen cock cheeper Bevy, covey
Peacock hen, pea-hen cock, peacock chick, pea-chick Pride, muster, ostentation
Pekingese Pomp
Pelican chick, nestling
Penguin hen cock fledgling,chick Parcel, rookery
Pheasant hen cock chick, poult Bouquet
Pig sow boar shoat, farrow, piglet Drove, fare, litter, flock, hoggery, sounder, nest of trotters, parcel
Pigeon hen cock squab, nestling, squealer Flight, flock, loft
Platypus puggle
Porpoises School, crowd, herd, shoal, gam, pod, turmoil
Possum jill jack joey
Quail hen cock cheeper, chick, squealer Bevy, covey, jug
Rabbit doe buck kitten, bunny Bevy, bury (of conies), flick, kindle (young), nest (young), game, warren, colony
Raccoon sow boar Kit, cub Nursery
Rat doe buck kitten, pup
Ravens Unkindness
Reindeer doe buck fawn Herd
Rhinoceros cow bull calf Crash, stubbornness, herd
Robin hen cock
Rooks Building, clamour, congregation, council, pack, shoal, wing
Salmon hen jack Parr, smolt, fry, finnock Run, bind
Sardines Family
Scorpions Bed, nest
Sea Lion cow bull pup
Seal cow bull whelp, pup, cub, bachelor Pod, herd, trip, rookery, flock, plump, harem
Shark bull pup School or shoal
Sheep ewe, dam buck, ram, male-sheep, mutton lamb, lambkin, shearling or yearling Flock, hirsel, drove trip, drift, fold, hurtle, parcel, mob, down, pack
Skunk boar kitten
Smelt Quantity
Snails Escargatoire, rout, walk
Snakes Bed, knot, den, pit, quiver
Spiders Cluster, clutter
Squirrel doe buck kitten Drey or Dray, colony
Starlings Cloud, chattering, murmuration, clattering
Stoats Pack, trip
Storks Flight, mustering, phalanx
Swallows Flight, gulp, rush
Swan pen cob cygnet, flapper Flock, bevy, bank, eyrar, drift, game, herd, sownder, team, wedge
Swine sow boar shoat, trotter, pig or piglet Sounder, drift, herd, trip, drone, singular (of boars)
Termite queen king nymph
Tiger tigeress tiger whelp, cub Ambush
Toad tadpole Knot, nest, knob
Trout hen jack fry Hover, leash, troup
Turkey hen gobbler, tom chick, poult Duet, crop, posse, rafter, gang
Turtles Bale, dole, turn, dule
Vipers nest
Vultures Carpets, cast, drove, flock, herd
Walrus cow bull cub Pod, herd, huddle
Wasps Nest, knot, knab, bike, swarm
Weasel bitch, doe, jill dog, buck, jack, hob kit Pack
Whale cow bull calf School, gam, mob, pod, herd, plump, run, flote, shoal, grind (bottle-nosed)
Wildfowl Lute, plump, scry, skein, sord, trip
Wolf bitch dog cub, pup Rout, route, pack, head, horde
Woodchuck she-chuck he-chuck kit, cub
Woodpeckers Descent
Worms Bed, clew, bunch, clat
Wren Herd
Zebra mare stallion foal, colt (m), filly(f) Herd, zeal, cohorts, dazzle


A crash of rhinos, a party of jays by Diane Swanson

A menagerie of animals by Steve Palin

A crash of rhinoceroses by Rex Collings

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