Baby Rhymes – A

Can’t make it to BabyTimes this week - why not try it at home? Click on the letters below to learn some of our favourite action rhymes to play at home.

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The Rhymes: A

Actions are shown in italics

A bouncing we will go

Tune: “The farmer in the dell”

A bouncing we will go
Hi ho the derry o
A bouncing we will go

A rocking we will go…
A tickling we will go…

Arms up

Tune: “Hokey Pokey”

You put your arms up, You put your arms down
You put your arms up and you wave them all around
And you tickle, tickle, tickle
And you wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
That’s how baby hokey pokey goes

You put your legs up…
You put your baby…

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