Cool Stuff from the Selectors: New Fiction

Inside the O'BriensUpcoming fiction has a lot of interesting material, but if you don’t want to read:

  • novels about domestic disharmony,
  • nice tales which you know are going to be nice as they have flowers on the cover,
  • blokey novels about saving the world in the way Tom Clancy and his many imitators do,
  • endless dark crime
  • and endless light crime (murder in flower shops, etc)

…then you might like to try these when they come into our libraries.

A new novel by Lisa Genova who did the bestseller Still Alice – her forthcoming Inside the O’Brien’s has a family confronted by Huntington’s Disease.

Quicksand, by Steve Toltz, author of the terrific A fraction of the whole. His second novel, Quicksand, is about a man to whom all the wrong things happen until he turns his bad luck into something of an art form.

*If you like writers who love bad taste, there is a A Decent Ridenew one from Irvine Welsh A decent ride and the publisher says it is his “funniest, filthiest” book yet as it takes on some dark taboos. His equivalent from over the Atlantic - Chuck Palahniuk - has a book of short stories called Make Something Up which is just waiting to offend.

And I need to put in a word for the Penguin series of Georges Simenon’s work: the intention is to go through all of Simenon’s work, from his Maigret stories to his psychological thrillers. As well, Patricia Highsmith, the author who made dark psychological mystery novels (most of them filmed, from Strangers on a train to the recent Two faces of January) is being republished in the months ahead.

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