Learn to code with Prenda Code Club

As a parent screentime is a battleground, I wouldn't mind if my kids were something constructive but mostly they are just playing games or watching YouTube.

This school holidays I am going to introduce my kids to Prenda Code Club, our latest eResource. Prenda is a learn to code software for kids aged 8-18 that has gamified the experience so they feel like they are playing a game whilst learning how to build websites, video games, apps, animations and more. You need to create an account with Prenda to get started so your kids will need to use either their email address or a parent's email address and they will need to access to a computer with a keyboard (tablets aren't as easy to code on).

So challenge your kids (or yourself) to build something awesome with code, they can start with the introduction to coding by playing with Minecraft and then move on to learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Scratch, SQL. As they learn more about code and complete missions they will be able to get clothes and accessories for their avatar.

Turn screentime into to something educational these holidays and instead of gaming they can build games and save Prendapolis.