QUIZ: Food and drink

This month’s quiz is all about local food and drink! Get your mouth watering with these questions.
New Zealand’s first “meals on wheels” was started in Christchurch by the North Canterbury Red Cross. What year did meals on wheels begin?
From the 1860s to the 1960s, chicory farming was a Christchurch industry. There were chicory farms in Templeton, Prebbleton and Spreydon, but what was chicory used for?
The Edmonds cookbook has been a staple in households in Aotearoa for years. When was this iconic cookbook first published?
The pavlova is a Kiwi food icon, though its origins are hotly debated between Australia and New Zealand. The idea of a large meringue filled with fruit and cream appears in a 1926 cookbook, though there it is called Meringue Cake. The name is linked to a woman called Anna Pavlova, who visited New Zealand in 1926. Anna Pavlova was:
Canterbury has a number of great fishing spots in our rivers and along our coast, and whitebait are a popular food. Which body enforces whitebait regulations, including types and positions of nets?
At what Dewey decimal number would you find recipe books and magazines?
In 1984 the popular Chung Wah II restaurant was opened by the Chinese ambassador to New Zealand and the Mayor of Christchurch. At this time, was it:
The Moon (marama) is central to the of harvesting kai on the land and at sea. What is the word for the lunar calendar used to work out which days are the best to plant, hunt, fish and/or harvest?
The Wood Brothers firm milled flour in Christchurch for 114 years. Their first mill was in Antigua Street, though at the time this part of the street was known by another, flour mill related name. What was it?
The growth of which Christchurch suburb was due almost entirely to the development and extension of the frozen meat industry?
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