QUIZ: New Zealand Music Month

May is New Zealand Music Month. Let’s test your knowledge of the Ōtautahi music scene back in the day …

Quiz: Pasifika

How terrific is your knowledge of the Pacific?
If you were standing on “The rock of Polynesia” where would you be?
In what year did Samoa gain its independence?
You’re in Samoa and the locals ask you to join in a game of kilikiti. What sport is kilikiti the local version of?
How many stars are on the Cook Islands Flag?
Which famous Scottish author is buried on Mt Vaea, on the island of Upolu in Samoa?
The highest point on Tuvalu is how many meters above sea level?
Which Pacific Island nation has eluded European colonisation and retained its sovereignty throughout its entire existence?
What is the most precious gift you can give in Fijian culture on special occasions?
What country would you be in if you were watching the ritual of Nanggol, where men jump off high wooden towers with tree vines tied to each ankle?
What pacific nation is the most linguistically diverse country in the world?
If you were learning how to ‘ura in the Cook Islands, what would you be learning to do?
Who named Tonga “The Friendly Islands”?
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New Zealand Music

Visit our NZ Music Month page and our page about New Zealand music.

A fragile line. Obscure alternatives. CCL-Posters-Music-80s-63
A fragile line. Obscure alternatives. CCL-Posters-Music-80s-63

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