Community Programmes

All our community programmes are listed chronologically on the main libraries’ events calendar. To find out more about our programmes choose from the list below.

Community programmes

Learning Centre goals

Integral part of the community

  • Used by diverse community groups
  • Strengthen links with community development and initiatives
  • Flexible and accessible

People passionate about learning

  • Provide innovative programmes
  • Collaborative learning environment
  • Building skills and information literacy

Supporting and enhancing learning

  • Working with and supporting educators to:
    • explore new technologies
    • investigate new and alternative teaching strategies
    • develop classroom programmes
  • Encourage community participation

Sustainable and viable

  • Physical, financial and human resources managed and developed efficiently and strategically.

We Value

Accessibility, diversity and fairness in the treatment of all individuals
Respect and care, support and hospitality
Enabling people to learn and make decisions for themselves
Working together
Seeking opportunities to work with others in our community

Guiding Principles for Programmes

Learning in authentic contexts
  • Inquiry and issues based learning
Creativity, critical thinking and informed decision making
  • Information literacy
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Connecting people - friendships across geographical boundaries
Participation and contribution to society and community
  • Learning through reflection and action
  • Practical outcomes
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