Frank Dickson 1932-2023

Frank Dickson was the first Chief Executive Officer of Trust Bank Canterbury (formerly Canterbury Savings Bank) from 1963 to 1988.

Born and educated in Auckland, he started work at the Auckland Savings Bank in 1950. By 1962 he was the bank’s manager of new business. He was asked to go to Christchurch for a few weeks to provide support and guidance for the establishment of the Canterbury Savings Bank. He enjoyed this experience so much that he successfully applied for manager’s position in 1963.

Under Dickson the bank grew to become a substantial financial force. Profits were distributed to community organisations through the Canterbury Community Trust, which was set up in 1988. Following the sale of Trust Bank to Westpac, a fund of over $300 million was created to be invested by the trust on behalf of the Canterbury community.
Frank is one of the local heroes celebrated in a series of bronze busts "Twelve Local Heroes" by sculptor Mark Whyte.

Frank died on 2 March 2023, aged 91 years.
Frank Dickson’s plaque reads:

"First Chief Executive of the Canterbury Savings Bank 1962-1988, leader and inspirer of the team which created over $300 million of funds for the Canterbury Community Trust"


Photos of the Frank Dickson bust

Frank Dickson

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Information about Frank Dickson from the Twelve Local Heroes trail at the University of Canterbury


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