Western fiction reading guide

Western fiction reading guide

Conflict, duty, and doing what's right - you'll love these stories of life at the frontier.

From the dust of the prairie to gunfights at high-noon, revenge quests, and the wilds of mountain life, this genre transports you to life in the lawlessness and pioneering days of the west. There’s violence and hardship here but there’s beauty also; of the natural world and of the human spirit to endure and thrive in such hostile environments.

Economical in language and big on setting, you’ll love these stories of life at the frontier.

Western fiction reading lists

Westerns - eBooks and eAudiobooks

A curated list of Western eBooks and eAudiobooks available through Libby and OverDrive. A Christchurch City Libraries List.

Western fiction sub-genre lists

Western Romance

Romance novels set in the American west, both historical and contemporary often featuring a handsome and rugged love interests. Yee-ha!

Westerns - The Weird West

The Weird West has outlaws, gunslingers, ghosts and vampires, zombie soldiers of fortune, and mad-as-hell sons and daughters out for revenge

Classics of Western Fiction

Cattle rustling, gunslingers and lawmen, Texas rangers and outlaws, thievery and violence against a dusty prairie setting.

War Westerns

Brutally violent with heroic characters, both male and female, these historical war westerns offer an action packed slice of U.S. history.

Westerns - Prairie Life

Stories that explore the nature of life in the West against a backdrop of vast prairies, rocky inhospitable mountains, and dusty trails.

Westerns - Women's Lives

Follow female pioneers as they face the violence, sexism, and harsh realities of daily life on the frontier with courage and resilience.

Westerns - Outlaws & Lawmen

The famed outlaw vs. the lawman out to bring them to heel is a classic story in the western genre.

Historical Fiction - Westerns

Action-packed revenge tales, desperate survivalists, cruel and violent outlaws, gothic landscapes... these are the ways of the Western.

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