Short stories reading guide

Short stories reading guide

Short but not necessarily sweet - short fiction can pack a punch.

Short stories can usually be read in a single sitting so are great for people who don't have much time to read. With fewer pages to tell a story in, you'll find the action and character development happens quickly. Short stories can often leave a strong impression with a lot of conflict, emotional involvement or character development squeezed into this shorter format.

Short story collections sometimes pull together the work of a single author, or may be centred around a common theme.

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Short stories reading lists

Short Stories - eBooks & eAudiobooks

A curated list of some of the best short stories from different genres available through Libby, Borrowbox, Wheelers, and Overdrive.

Short story sub-genre lists

Short Stories - Contemporary

Short form fiction that is all about our world as it is now - realistic plot-lines, characters, and experiences.

Short fiction - Novellas

Not quite a novel but longer than a short story - great reads in the shorter form of a novella. From around the world, across genres & eras

Short Stories - Graphic Novels

Graphic novel collections of short and sweet (or hilarious, terrifying, or inspiring) stories: Kiwi writers, manga artists and award winners

Short Stories - Sci Fi, Horror, and Fantasy

A selection of short fiction anthologies by influential authors of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Short Stories - Mystery/Thriller/Adventure

Suspense, intrigue, action, adventure, and suspicion - all wrapped up in the short story format, so readable at one sitting.

Short Stories - Aotearoa/New Zealand

Short stories written by a range of Kiwi authors, including classics from literary greats through to modern takes from fresh talent.

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