Saga fiction reading guide

Saga fiction reading guide

Settle in for sweeping stories that span generations.

Saga fiction typically follows multiple characters through stories that can span years, generations, and locations - monumental tales of a family or families' journey through life. Think 'Outlander',  'Gone With The Wind', even 'Lord of the Rings'.

From fantastical adventures, romantic escapades and great historical events, to the ups and downs, victories and tragedies of everyday folk - let yourself be swept up in some truly epic tales.

Like fiction set in the past? You might find some great reads in our Historical fiction reading guide too.

Saga fiction reading lists

Saga - eBooks & eAudiobooks

Settle in for an epic story, a journey of epic proportions and a chance to truly savour being in another world.

Saga fiction sub-genre lists

Epic Fantasy

Sweeping battles between good and evil, grand quests, phenomenal world building, sword fights and magic - often told over generations.

Historical Sagas

Epic, enthralling tales that often span generations. Most of these stories are based on historical events, places or people.

Romance Sagas

Romance Sagas are all about love that lasts a lifetime. Tales rich in detail and with characters "oh so dreamy" you'll wish they were real.

Traditional saga fiction

Stories of gentle romance, the strength of family bonds, the challenges of working class life, the plight of women, and finding happiness.

Saga - Graphic Novels

A collection of saga graphic novels.

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