Abandoned cannon, Gollans Bay: Picturing Canterbury

Abandoned cannon, Gollans Bay. Christchurch Star Archive. In copyright. CCL-StarP-04519A.

A former cannon from the Russian scare at a quarry in Gollans Bay. 23 April 1958.

The rifled muzzle loader (RML) was used by the British Empire in the second half of the nineteenth century to defend both its warships and coastal fortifications. RML were in place at Battery Point overlooking Gollans Bay during the "Russian scare" of 1885. The scare was a response to the invasion by the Russian Empire of the Panjdeh region in what is now Turkmenistan. The close proximity of Russian Imperial forces to the border of the British Raj in India led to a fear that war between the two empires was inevitable. Although the war never eventuated, Battery Point in Lyttelton Harbour remained a coastal defence in the First World War and the Second World War. The site was closed in the 1950s.

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