Lifelong learning

Christchurch City Libraries can help you explore new learning opportunities. Our librarians can offer assistance and show you key resources and our libraries provide spaces for you to access computers and study.

Find a course to suit you

The best way to find a course to suit you in the Christchurch region is to search community information directory CINCH. You’ll find lots of information about Continuing Education opportunities from tertiary institutions and local community education providers.

Major tertiary education providers in Christchurch are:

Community education providers include:

Learning Centres

Our Learning Centres provide excellent facilities including meeting rooms, computer labs with webcams, and data projectors. These centres provide programmes for adults including family history help, tech tasters and computers and coffee. Come and learn and play. All our libraries have free computers and most have spaces for study.

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Looking for help with your study?

Search our catalogue for resources on Study skills and Learning, or have a look at these helpful websites:

Study guides and strategies
Multilingual site offering practical advice on writing basics, how to maximise learning, project skills preparing for tests and more.
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