New Zealand Music

New Zealand Music

Celebrate New Zealand music - we have CDs, books, and resources about the music of Aotearoa.

Music set on Canterbury Stories


Pūoro - Music

Listen online, research, or make music of your own at the library.

NZ Music

Bands and artists

If you want music by a specific band or artist you can simply do an author search on their name, e.g. Fourmyula. This will return any albums by that artist, however it won’t find compilation albums that they’re featured on.

Our catalogue includes all song titles and artists featured on albums so an ordinary keyword search on their name e.g. Fourmyula will return albums that they’re featured on.

Song titles

If you are looking for a specific song, a simple keyword search will work e.g. poi e. Because a keyword search searches every part of every item record, this might not work so well for one-word or very common song titles for example Nature. You may need to add more terms such as the musical style (subject) and artist (author).


Some of our music eResources contain New Zealand music. Our news and magazines eResources provide online access to full-text articles from thousands of news sources such as magazines and industry journals.

Sheet music

We have an extensive collection of scores and sheet music including books of music to play. Our collection includes New Zealand scores.

AudioCulture Iwi Waiata

AudioCulture is, “the noisy library of New Zealand music”. It is an online celebration of the people who have created the music, the scenes they shaped, and the audiences they played to. Read about PeopleLabels and related Articles, listen to music (via Spotify and Soundcloud), watch music videos (via NZ On Screen and YouTube), listen to interviews and performances (via Radio New Zealand National), view images (photographs, posters, hand-written song lyrics and more), and browse discographies (via Discogs).

Streaming NZ music blog posts

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