Ngā Whāinga – Challenges – TAONGA PUORO

This school holidays, our Māori Services team bring you activities for tamariki.
Today: Ngā Whāinga – Challenges - TAONGA PUORO

Taonga Puoro are Māori musical instruments. They replicate the sounds of the taiao / natural environment. Birds, whale calls, the wind and even the sound of insects.

Taonga Puoro are used to accompany waiata / song, karakia / prayer but can be played by themselves.Te Papa has a large selection of taonga puoro.

The late Hirini Melbourne was responsible for leading the revival of taonga puoro from the late 1980s until his passing in 2003.

Nowadays many people play different taonga puoro and they can often be heard accompanying kapa haka – Māori performing arts groups. Find out more about taonga puoro.

Hei mahi – things to do:

  • Discover online the different types of taonga puoro
  • Design / draw your own taonga puoro
  • Explore your home to see what you can use as a musical instrument

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