Vā Pasifika – Christchurch City Libraries Pasifika Staff Network

Over the last 5 years, Vā Pasifika has been working extremely hard to bring the Pacific into our libraries and our libraries out to the Pacific.

Who are Vā Pasifika?

In 2012 a number of Pasifika staff from the library formed a group with the aims of creating networking opportunities and support for Pasifika programmes and initiatives within Christchurch City Libraries.

This group, known as Va Pasifika, is made up of passionate Pasifika women from predominantly Samoan and Niuean backgrounds. Rosie, Malo, Jan-Hai, Betty, Ebony, Lorna and Tai see their role as helping to increase the level of engagement between local libraries and Pasifika communities.

Pasifika Language Weeks

During Samoan Language Week, our Pasifika community get to see and hear their Pasifika language spoken and shared with others. We have a Pasifika craft activity and offer an adult computer session taught in the Samoan language.

Another special feature of this celebration week are the Pasifika Storytime sessions delivered by our very talented Community Learning Librarians with the support of Vā Pasifika.

Pasifika Collection

A wee gem that you may not have discovered yet is our unique Pasifika Collection. This is a collection of resources that provide access to Pacific knowledge, heritage and identity.

A particular focus is on helping Pacific Islanders retain their language and culture. Most of the Pasifika Collection is currently housed at Aranui Library and at Ngā Moutere o te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa / Pasifika, located on Tuakiri | Identity, Level 2, Tūranga. However, some material can also be found in the general collections held in all our libraries.

Browse the Pasifika collection.

Pasifika collection at Central Library Manchester

Visit our page of Pasifika resources

Reaching out into the community

Vā Pasifika continues to promote our library services and resources, especially the Pasifika collection, at various national conferences, community events and meetings. The Vā Pasifika Group have presented at the ACE Hui-Fono and LIANZA conferences, and have taken part in the Secondary Schools Pasifika Careers evening and expo. We have also delivered professional development for a number of Pasifika language nests. We have created our very own Christchurch City Libraries Pasifika collateral materials, such as our fantastic stickers. These materials have been widely sought after!

The relationships and networks that have stemmed from these events within our libraries and community have been invaluable. Since Va Pasifika was formed, a Pasifika project plan has also been launched. As a group, our focus has always been to offer relevant training for our colleagues and services for the growing Pasifika population in Christchurch.

Information from uncover - huraina issue 3, March to May 2017

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