Toilets, lockers and drinking water

Toilets and baby changing facilities

Unisex public toilets, including mobility access toilets are located on all floors of Tūranga. The ground floor has two sets of toilets, with one set next to the café.

Baby changing facilities are located in the mobility access toilets on each floor and in the Parenting Room on Hapori | Community, Level 1. The Parenting Room has a change table, microwave, sink, nappy bin and armchair. Breastfeeding parents are welcome to feed their babies in all areas of the library.


Lockers are located on all floors and these are free to use. There are 40 lockers on each floor in 3 sizes; 400W x 400H, 400W x 600H, and 400W x 800H. These are located in front of the toilets. 

The lockers work using a self-selected 4 digit lock code and timer. A red light will blink when the lock is engaged. After 2 hours the locker will automatically unlock. If you need to use a locker for longer than 2 hours make sure to re-enter your lock code before your time expires.

Items left in unlocked lockers may be removed by staff and placed into lost property. Please speak to a staff member if your property has gone missing from a locker. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

Drinking water

Drinking fountains and taps suitable for filling water bottles are located on each floor next to the lockers.