Te Pito Huarewa / Southbase Gallery

Located on Tuakiri | Identity, Level 2, Tūranga, Te Pito Huarewa/Southbase Gallery houses exhibitions that reflect the cultural identity and history of Christchurch and Canterbury.

Current exhibition: Va Oceans Between, 18 May – 21 July

“Va is the space between, the betweenness, not empty space, not space that separates but space that relates, that holds separate entities and things together in the Unity-that-is-All, the space that is context, giving meaning to things.”

Albert Wendt, Tatauing the Post-Colonial Body, Span 42-43 (April-October 1996): 15-29

Va is the guiding curating principal of our exhibition Va Oceans Between, and is a fundamental Pacific value that underlines everything. The relationships we have with each other, with the physical world and the spiritual world connecting past, present and future.

Va Oceans Between is an exploration of Pacific peoples living in Christchurch and their relationship to the Moana, Ōtautahi and each other through the use of never seen before Polynesian artefacts from Canterbury Museum. Oral histories and visual, performance and written art forms from Christchurch-based Pacific artists.

Exhibition events

Friday 21 June 5.30pm to 6pm: Poet Tusiata Avia - Public Reading

Poet Tusiata Avia creates a new body of work in response to the exhibition. 

Friday 21 June 6pm to 7.30pm: YNOT Performance ($10, door sales only)

Join us in watching a new play from Pasifika performance collective YNOT created during and inspired by the exhibition.
Tautoru / TSB Space, Hapori | Community, Level 1


Our Tūranga Horizons School Programme includes Pasifika eDesign.

To book for any of the Horizons programmes contact: schoolbookings@ccc.govt.nz or call 03-941-5140.

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