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Many different birds live in our gardens. Some are native birds – originally from New Zealand and some are not. Papa Atawhai - the Department of Conservation or DoC as it is known to most of us, has a webpage dedicated to native New Zealand Birds. Note – though not on the page, seagulls are native to New Zealand and nearly every country in the world!

 iNaturalist NZ have a list of introduced birds of New Zealand. Early settlers brought many of these birds to New Zealand while others seasonally migrate here.

Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research has some excellent information about how and what to feed the birds that live in your neighbourhood.

Hei mahi – things to do

  • Explore both the Papa Atawhai New Zealand Native birds webpage and the iNaturalist webpage to see how many recognise or have seen.
  • Create a list of birds you see in your garden and around your neighbourhood from these two webpages. Are there more Native birds or introduced Birds on your list?
  • Design / draw an ideal habitat (place to live) for birds. What type of birds live here?  What do they eat? What other animals might live here?
  • Create a list of other animals that are introduced to New Zealand.

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Ngā Whāinga – Challenges

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