Ngā Whāinga – Challenges – TĪ RĀKAU

This school holidays, our Māori Services team bring you activities for tamariki.
Today: Ngā Whāinga – Challenges - TĪ RĀKAU

Tī rākau is a very popular stick game that you can play with whānau or friends and (you guessed it) sticks! It is also commonly known as tītī tōrea and touretua. To play the game, players form two rows facing one another and the sticks are thrown between them in time to a waiata.

Tī rākau was a game warriors would play with one another to practice hand-eye coordination skills at speed and if you play it too, you’ll know why!

Hei mahi – things to do:

  • Watch this video to see how it is played

  • Find some sticks around your home or find out how to make your own here
  • Find a waiata to make a routine to and practice with your whānau
  • Explore online the other variations of tī rākau and how to play them

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