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Things I love include - popular culture (particularly film and television), funny feminists, snarky humour, vintage homeware and fashion, non-smug parenting advice, and ye olde Christchurch stuff. Current kick: Reading books by celebrities to see if they're terrible. Trying to read more books about Māori/Pasifika people.

To find out what I'm borrowing/reading/enjoying check out my library profile, particularly my Completed and For Later shelves.


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  • Sea People: In Search of the Ancient Navigators of the Pacific -  Highly readable recreational non-fiction from Christina Thompson who deftly pulls you along with the tide through the story of the exploration and peopling of the Pacific by Polynesian navigators. Find out how we know the things we do about the origins of people in the Pacific. 
  • SFX and Empire - From Avengers to Game of Thrones to Star Wars - this is where I'm getting my monthly Sci-fi and fantasy fix, via RBDigital.
  • Good Omens - The upside of reading a book when there's already a corresponding TV show in production is - in this case at least - that you can read the lines of the characters in the voices of David Tennant and Michael Sheen. Also, it's a humorously, rollicking good tale of armageddon... which is nice.
  • Herding Cats - Amusing cartoons about life, cats, and anxiety, with an extra section at the back about creativity that's cute and inspiring. 

Cover of Sea peopleCover of Empire magazineCover of SFX magazineCatalogue link for Good omensCatalogue link for Herding cats


Pop! Culture podcast (Radio New Zealand) - Melody Thomas, Tony Stamp and assorted guests dig into the zeitgeist covering topics as diverse as mermaids and gaming.

Bad Lip Reading Star Wars songs. I can't stop and I need help.


  • Gentleman Jack - New series with Suranne Jones as Anne Lister, Victorian tophat wearing lesbian, and woman about town. Good fun!
  • Avengers/Game of Thrones/Star Wars - It's a big year for my fandoms. All the feels!
  • Season 3 of Queer Eye - My go-to for Netflix catharsis. Also, Jonathan Van Ness (and his burgeoning comedy career - see clip below) just makes me really happy, henny.

  • What we do in the shadows - Television series of the movie that follows the co-habitation/world domination woes of a group of New Jersey bloodsuckers (and their familiars). And yes, it is as good as the movie.
  • Christchurch on film - Short film by The Press's Philip Matthews and Charlie Gates that explores the Christchurch as captured by movies and docos - both time capsule's of our pre-quake past, and the changing post-quake environs.
  • Brooklyn 99 - Season Six now screening on Duke. I don't like Peralta's new hair but that's literally my only complaint. NINE-NINE!

Looking forward to:

All time faves

Cover of Preacher #1 Gone to TexasMy Top 5

Shameful secret

I never finished reading The Great Gatsby in high school and have no intention to even though it's one of the thinnest books I've ever been assigned to read.

Will never be found reading

Dancing with Beelzebub by Michael Laws (Yes THAT Michael Laws and apparently it is madly lurid)

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