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Things I love include - popular culture (particularly film and television), funny feminists, snarky humour, vintage homeware and fashion, non-smug parenting advice, and ye olde Christchurch stuff. Current kick: Reading books by celebrities to see if they're terrible.

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  • Deleted scenes for lovers - New Zealand author Tracey Slaughter's collection of short stories doesn't pull any punches. The settings are dirty and run-down and so are the characters. Not always an enjoyable read (the writing is a sharp-edged knife that cuts often) and other fiction will seem like tepid dishwater after this.
  • Puāwaitanga o te ringa - Head along to the Christchurch Art Gallery and see some of the library's tukutuku panels on display, and take this little handbook with you so you can learn the stories behind the panels and the designs.
  • The Shape of Water - Companion novel to the Oscar-winning movie. This book, written in collaboration with Guillermo Del Toro and in tandem as he wrote his film, very satisfyingly fleshes out the backstories of the main characters and is a beautiful story in its own right. It also differs from the movie in some areas but nothing here jars. It all feels right in the story it's telling.
  • How not to be a boy - Comic actor Robert Webb's devastating memoir that is the funny, revelatory and candid takedown of the Patriarchy (from the male perspective) that you never knew you always wanted.



  • The Trip to Spain - Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon attempt to out-impression each other on a trip around Spain (and eat some amazing food). Saddo middle-aged man feelings happen and they both take the piss out of each other as much as possible. If you liked the other two "The Trip" outings, then you'll enjoy the third.
  • The Good Place - Smart and thoughtful, The Good Place is the perfect antidote to "Too Many Trump Headlines". It's both comedic AND philosophical in a time when striving to be a better person feels like an outrageous political act. 
  • Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle - Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. In the jungle. Being hilarious.
  • Taskmaster - My new favourite show (that there's already five seasons of) fronted by the enormous (literally) talent that is Greg Davies

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Cover of Preacher #1 Gone to TexasMy Top 5

Shameful secret

I never finished reading The Great Gatsby in high school and have no intention to even though it's one of the thinnest books I've ever been assigned to read.

Will never be found reading

Dancing with Beelzebub by Michael Laws (Yes THAT Michael Laws and apparently it is madly lurid)

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