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Things I love include - popular culture (particularly film and television), funny feminists, snarky humour, vintage homeware and fashion, non-smug parenting advice, and ye olde Christchurch stuff. Current kick: Reading books by celebrities to see if they're terrible.

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  • Helen and the go-go ninjas - Time travel, environmentalism, women who kick butt (some of whom are Māori). Me likey.
  • Star Wars year by year: A visual history - Filled with amazing Star Wars facts in the context of the time. A must for fans.
  • Love vintage: A passion for collecting fashion - I cannot afford (or fit into) most of the gorgeous garments in this book but I can most certainly pore over the many colour photos of them.
  • White tears - Hari Kunzru's novel is superficially about white hipsters chasing "authenticity" in old blues recordings... but it's so much more than that. It's a slippery, creepy ghost story of modern America that shares some DNA with the movie Get Out - appropriation of black culture is only the beginning and Seth, the protagonist, finds out that the past is not something that can simply be buried and forgotten. Shortlisted in the James Tait Black memorial prize for fiction.



  • Baby mama's club - Super short web-episodes following a group of women and their search for MIA deadbeat dad, Johnny. Binge all 7 episodes in a night.
  • Wellington Paranormal - Police Ten 7 meets the X-Files. Putting the dead in deadpan.
  • The Trip to Spain - Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon attempt to out-impression each other on a trip around Spain (and eat some amazing food). Saddo middle-aged man feelings happen and they both take the piss out of each other as much as possible. If you liked the other two "The Trip" outings, then you'll enjoy the third.

Looking forward to

All time faves

Cover of Preacher #1 Gone to TexasMy Top 5

Shameful secret

I never finished reading The Great Gatsby in high school and have no intention to even though it's one of the thinnest books I've ever been assigned to read.

Will never be found reading

Dancing with Beelzebub by Michael Laws (Yes THAT Michael Laws and apparently it is madly lurid)

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