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Things I love include - popular culture (particularly film and television), funny feminists, snarky humour, vintage homeware and fashion, non-smug parenting advice, and ye olde Christchurch stuff. Current kick: Reading books by celebrities to see if they're terrible. Trying to read more books about Māori/Pasifika people.

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  • Kid gloves by Lucy Knisley. An amazingly candid, educational and moving account of the author's journey to becoming a mother.
  • The Joyful Frugalista - Saving money and living well don't have to be mutually exclusive. Serina Bird offers tips and ideas on how to save but also how to put yourself in a better mindset so you can have a better relationship with money.
  • Sea People: In Search of the Ancient Navigators of the Pacific -  Highly readable recreational non-fiction from Christina Thompson who deftly pulls you along with the tide through the story of the exploration and peopling of the Pacific by Polynesian navigators. Find out how we know the things we do about the origins of people in the Pacific. 

Catalogue link for The joyful frugalistaCover of Sea people


Call your girlfriend. Original by Robyn, but this acapella rendition by Emma Stone and Maya Rudolph is quite something too. It's from 3 years ago but I only just saw it so it's new to me.


  • Task Master - Always a good and hilarious time as comedians debase themselves for our entertainment.
  • Season 3 of Jessica Jones - The last season. I will miss this show.
  • Gentleman Jack - New series with Suranne Jones as Anne Lister, Victorian tophat wearing lesbian, and woman about town. Good fun!

Looking forward to:

All time faves

Cover of Preacher #1 Gone to TexasMy Top 5

Shameful secret

I never finished reading The Great Gatsby in high school and have no intention to even though it's one of the thinnest books I've ever been assigned to read.

Will never be found reading

Dancing with Beelzebub by Michael Laws (Yes THAT Michael Laws and apparently it is madly lurid)

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