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Stuff we love - The Holiday Edition - 2018/2019 - Christchurch City Libraries

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Our team share the stuff they are looking forward to enjoying these summer holidays. A Staff Pickles list.

Donna's pick: OOooh Lily Allen's memoir is as gobby and raw-honest as her lyrics. Yay! It's great to have an autobiography that is unputdownable as a novel.

Donna's pick: Holidays can be anxiety-inducing. This New Zealand book features various NZers talking about their anxiety, a topic that isn't covered a lot.

Moata's pick: Nothing says the holiday season like a much beloved musical and they don't get much more beloved than Singin' in the Rain. So I'm planning on watching the movie and then reading this book about the making of it.

Donna's pick: The subtitle of this book is The Vulva Vs the Patriachy. You had me at that, Liv Stromquist. See also The wonder down under, also by young Scandos.

Moata's pick: I've been trying this year to read more New Zealand writers. I've enjoyed Tina Makereti's short fiction so I have high hopes for this historical fiction novel.

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Alina's picks: Best of 2018


Fantasy/scifi, mysteries by dead ladies, cookbooks with great photography, and graphic novels without capes.



What I love the most is Historical Fiction set in Tasmania/Australia/New Zealand during the 1800s era, also partial to a bit of well written fantasy and scifi.



I like all shades of books - chunky literary novels, biographies, comics, history, art, fashion, history, feminism, and radioactivity.



I still read moderately formulaic books and occasionally dabble in “lowbrow” literature. I generally alternate between literary fiction and police procedurals or psychological thrillers but I also throw in medieval history non-fiction titles, interior design books and the odd memoir.


My particular passion is for illustrated books - from picture books to graphic novels, for kids and adults.


Best of 2018


Things I love include - funny feminists, science fiction, old-skool horror, pop culture, movies, vintage homeware and fashion, non-smug parenting advice, ye olde Christchurch stuff, popular science, cycling, whakapapa.

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