A beautiful place to die

I've read a couple of books recently at opposite ends of the reading spectrum - one's funny and character-driven, and one's dark and atmospheric. The first you've probably heard of already -- Jojo Moyes' The One Plus One (not as sappy as it sounds! If you enjoy Liane Moriarty or Raffaella Barker you'll love it…
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Success is such a loaded word. When I see the word on the cover of a publication, I'm almost always suspicious and repelled. And I suspect you are too. But! Please, PLEEEEEAAASE, don't be put off journalist Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers: The Story of Success. Fundamentally, Mr Gladwell uncovers the critical drivers of success …
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Happy birthday, Emily Brontë

Oh Emily. Your creations and their goings-on out on that moor have captured the imaginations of millions of women everywhere. And more than a few men I guess, although I've never met one. You only lived for thirty years but Cathy and Heathcliff (and Linton and Isabella and Edgar and Hareton and Nelly) are immortal…
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