The chameleon reader

I am a chameleon reader. This is someone who takes on the personality of a character in their current read. In other words, a person who has porous boundaries between their real and their imaginary worlds. The person most affected by this is my husband - who has taken to tentatively entering the house at…
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Roverandom: J. R. R. Tolkien

I thought I'd read all of Tolkien's works. I even have the Children of Hurin. Then I discovered this little gem. Roverandom Written for children, Roverandom is the story of a naughty little dog and a grumpy old wizard. When the Wizard takes his ball, Roverandom bites him on the bottom and... ...Roverandom is magicked…
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Review: Dear Ijeawele

I first came to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's work via The Thing Around Your Neck. I like short story collections for discovering new authors because there's so much less commitment -- I read a couple of stories and if I like them I continue; if not, I've only lost a few minutes of my time. The former…
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